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Best Drawing Tablet XP-Pen Artist 22E for Graphics Design

  • 26 avril 2018 11:50:42 CEST
    Most of the functions such as sketch, paint, design and edit can directly be fulfilled on the screen, work more naturally and intuitively.
    Dual-monitor, Mirror/Extended mode; 21.5" HD IPS Display, 1920x1080 Resolution; extra wide visual angle; advanced 9-point display calibration; 2048-level pressure, all these make your drawing line smooth and natural.
    Ergonomically designed stable stand makes the screen free from shaking; display is suspended above the desk in order to make switch and backlight-control pressing more convenient and easily avoid crush of USB cable by the tablet. Moreover, the multi-angle adjustable stand allows you to set the operation angle freely.
    The LED is well protected by high strength toughened glass produced in dust-free workshop, anti-scratch and shockproof; With rubber covers on the base and bracket, anti-skid and stable.
    Comes with 2 rechargeable pens (with one-click toggle function between Pen/Eraser which significantly speed up your drawing efficiency), black glove, HDMI adapter for Mac, as gifts; 12-month-warranty; Simply set-up to PC or Mac; compatible with most of graphic software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CC, Corel Painter and Autodesk Sketchbook etc.
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